Releasing hurt pain resentment


-Take a few nice deep breathes.

-For 5-10 minutes, simply watch the movement of your breath. Put your hands over your belly and feel the breath coming in and out.  Don’t make any efforts to change the pattern of your breathing. Simply keep watching it.  Inhale and exhale gently.

 -Bring your awareness on the heart.  Put your hands over your heart. Bring the images of people you love.  Stay with those  images for a couple of minutes.

- Acknowledge the presence of the people  who you  hold grudge against. This also includes people you might have hurt too.  Allow yourself to experience the hurt, the grudge, the resentment.

 -Express to yourself your willingness and  intention to let go.  Stay with the intention  for  few minutes.

-Allow yourself (verbally) permission to  release everything from your consciousness.

 -For the next 10 minutes, be a witness of your own thoughts and emotions ; observe all the action happening in your consciousness without judging it.

-Imagine the hurt, the resentment, the pain leaving your consciousness, and your body once and for all.  Stay with that feeling as long as you feel like it.

-Spend some time releasing  love and forgiveness to everyone, including yourself. Bask in the experience of love.

-Seal this meditation expressing gratitude.

Acknowledge yourself for the courage to move on.  Enjoy life:)

Sebastian NaumComment