Making positive changes in your life


Are you tired of repeating the same stories in your life? Are you tired of "feeling stuck"? If your answer is yes, this is the time to start working with your brain...

Yes , the brain is the organ of change.  We can change our lives by changing the way we think, the way we perceive things.

Science has proven that the brain alters itself every time we learn something new.  Our nerve cells are specially arranged according to the things we learn, the experiences we have, and the things we envision.

So, if up until today your life is reflecting something that you don't like, you can start making positive changes in your life by changing your thoughts.

The images we hold in our brain  are extremely important. We "create" our experience in life.  We sometimes believe that we are "victims" of our circumstances.  Don't blame yourself if this has been your experience in life...just allow yourself to change.

We have said that the images we hold inside of ourselves, are very important, so starting today consciously "work" on creating the vision of the life you want to be living.  Rehearse it, feel how it feels like, smell the aromas, bring all of your senses to the experience.

How to do this?

Follow these simple steps and your life will start will experience the reflection of what you hold in your mind.

  • Set a clear intention -write what you want in the present (avoid negative words)- and keep it handy.

  • Experience passion -tell yourself the reasons this is so important to you-

  • Action steps- start taking three-foot tosses toward your dream-

  • Embrace change-stop fighting with yourself, give yourself permission-

  • Track your changes -do this at least for 32 days-

  • Support yourself- align your actions with what you really want, and don't get discourage if it takes time-

  • Acknowledge yourself-it is very important to prize yourself for the courage to move forward-

The road to making positive changes in your life is easy, but takes a lot of courage, willingness and effort...but it is worth it...

Can you see yourself living the kind of life you want ? having the kind of relationships that you are waiting for?

What is your next level in life? different career? loving relationships? realizing a dream that is still in the back burner? nothing is impossible.

Sebastian NaumComment