What is energy psychology?


Sometimes I find that my clients benefit from relaxing sessions before a counseling session; we are all different and we all need different things at different points in our lives. We face challenges in our daily lives , and we don't need to "feel bad or depressed" to benefit from either a counseling or a simple relaxing session.  Most of my clients  just need a "jump-start" to go to the next level in their lives. Some people feel "stuck" in an area of their lives, work, emotional or physical, and simple techniques from energy psychology could make a huge difference in the way they feel.

I love to use and "mix" the techniques I have learned to help people overcome those "stuck moments".  My clients feel very relieved when they can use those "stuck moments or feelings" as stepping-stones instead of stumbling- stones to get where they want to get in life.

Energy Psychology is one of the methods I use to assist people in overcoming "those stuck feelings or moments".

 Energy Psychology changes the brain chemistry that maintains psychological problems by combining tapping of acupuncture points with other psychological procedures. I use it  to manage everyday challenges such as anxieties, excess anger, or irrational jealousy.  These techniques are also profoundly effective in clinical settings with general anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.

The technique is very simple but can make profound changes on how we feel about certain things and or how we perceive things to be.

Sebastian NaumComment