Healing trough forgiveness


Forgiveness for many has religion connotations; I have been researching this topic for a very long time and I have come to realize  that people who are still attached to the wounds of their past  feel “stuck” in their lives when it comes to fulfill their dreams, goals and aspirations. This happens on all areas of their lives, business, relationships, personal. Most people don’t get where they want to get because they are focused on issues of the past or too concerned  on the future. The incidents of the past keep them focused or “attached” to that incident. The incident or the issue act as a block that impedes the person to move forward in life and attain his/her goals at every level. Therefore their future is "tinted" with whatever happened in their past.

For most individuals being unable to forgive leaves them with a wound. This wound as all wounds reopens  every time something similar (a trigger) happens.

Forgiveness is the ultimate “cure” for that wound. Forgiveness when properly applied heals from the root and frees the person to move forward toward his/her dreams. Although some people consider forgiveness as an act of “weakness”  Forgiveness is on the contrary an act of bravery, maturity and liberation.

Although forgiveness is natural for some people, forgiveness can be learned, and it is easier that most people think. The ripple effect that forgiveness has on the life of the individual and the people living around them  make this tool one of the most and effective tools available to us to improve our lives.

Inner peace and consequently outer peace is a direct consequence on how we live our lives. Forgiveness is one of the most important tools on the quest for inner and outer peace.  Forgiveness heals.

The approach of using  forgiveness combined with energy healing techniques  is not only a unique and faster approach to this healing process but serves as a “get-out-of -jail free card” that empowers  and liberates the person  to pursue his/her dreams without the attachments of the past.

This is the approach I use in Dharmatherapy to help people obtain  a state of "inner liberation" faster 

Sebastian NaumComment