Forgiveness related to physical disease

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Healing is so much than a cure and the pill we take.  I participated this past month as a presenter at a Cancer Expo in Irvine , CA.  I had the opportunity to talk with people who were going through different stages of cancer.  They had the opportunity to choose among different classes.  Mine was "Forgiveness as a path to healing".

Some people asked me : What does forgiveness have to do with this serious illness?

In general people believe that the treatment for cancer must be always harsh, drastic and violent.   I am not saying that people must drop their own treatments and only work at the emotional level, what I'm saying  is that with our war-on-cancer (or any other disease) mind-set, it is almost impossible to think that  something so seemingly soft and simple as forgiveness could be the answer to  a lot of health issues.

According to Stephen Covey there are 5 emotional cancers:

Criticism, Contending, Complaining, Competing, Comparing

How many time these constant intense emotions lead us to emotional suffering, resentment, anger?

World Research links Cancer and other diseases to Unforgiveness.   People who are under high level of stress and those who those who hold onto anger and hurt, experience a rise in the level of the stress hormone : cortisol.  People who hold unto anger and resentment tend to have poor health, a weakened immune system and are prone to chronic illness such as cancer, among others.   This is due to a rise in the level of the stress hormone cortisol that suppresses the immune system.

Holding onto anger, hate and resentment –state of chronic unforgiveness- might lead to cancer.  This chronic stress depletes important adrenaline reserves and breaks the all important oxygen krebs cycle of the body’s cells, leading to cancer mutation.

Emotional toxicity is in most of the cases the cause of cancer.

Forgiveness, used as a therapy, used with appropriate treatments and life style changes that address the physical , might be the "cure" people are looking for.

In general people have the misunderstanding  that treatment for cancer must be always harsh, drastic and violent.  What about if something so gentle as forgiveness is the "healing medicine" that can "free" your body from dis-ease and your soul from hurt?

No need to blame yourself,  just allow yourself to experience the healing power of forgiveness.

Sebastian NaumComment