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Are we scared of love?  Or is our "ego" a creation of our mind that is scared of love?  Thinking about circumstances that are impacting my life in different ways made me think about the relationship between Ego and Love. When we are afraid of "losing control" or "the illusion of control' we have, when we are afraid of losing our power, we are acting from our Ego. Our Ego wants to keep us safe , and it fears for its very survival.  The Ego is defined by its "encrypted" patterns, its pre-conceived notions of being "right".

The Ego cannot see beyond its  conditioned frame; it is totally conditioned . We can compare it to the hard-drive in a computer. It can only function according to the memory stored in it. It can operate according the software that it has installed.  To act from Love we need to change the software.  Love, when it comes from the heart doesn't have conditions. We don't "love" to be right, we don't love to be or not be , to receive something in exchange; we just LOVE.  The Ego is afraid of Love. Love dismantles and dissolves the Ego's world, and the need for its existence.  Love is on the other hand so powerful that can embrace the Ego. And then what? We are vulnerable; so many memories stored in our cells tell us that if we are vulnerable we might get hurt, so in despair of being hurt we rather hurt ourselves letting the despotic Ego rule us. We protect ourselves from Loving unconditionally. This reminds me a phrase I heard in class not long ago that "perfect protection" is "perfect vulnerability" and that comes from our Authentic Selves. When we act from that place of Love,  we don't have to fear , we don't need the false protection from our Egos ; we act from our Love and by doing so we are protected by a force that goes beyond hurt, beyond right or wrong. That means we are acting from our Love and we are giving unconditional Love. We might get hurt then we deprive ourselves from the zest of living life fully. It is time to change the Ego software and run the latest version of Unconditional Love. It is worth it.

Sebastian NaumComment