The Real Meaning of the F-Word

The Real Meaning of the F-Word


My friend, Clara Leon-Naum, author of this book you hold in your hands, has written an invaluable guide for your life-journey. Clara walks her talk. She’s been there so to speak. She’s wandered alone in the dark wood. She’s walked through the valley of despair. She’s been to the end of the world and, through forgiveness, she has found her way back home again."

Robert Holden, Ph.D. from the foreword to The Real Meaning of the F-Word.

The Real Meaning of the F-Word unveils a guided process that will teach you how Forgiveness can bring about spiritual, psychological and physical healing. Through thought provoking questions, engaging real life stories, and the “3Fs Process,” you will discover your own path to a new life of true freedom. The teachings in this book will steer you through despair, hurt and resentment, to Acceptance and Peace.

Social activist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Desmond Tutu, wrote a book titled: No Future without Forgiveness. The people whose stories are included in The Real Meaning of the F-Word—a victim of a gang rape who kept this assault secret for over fifty years, a convicted murderer sentenced to life in prison, a holocaust survivor, and many others who experienced hurt, betrayal, and physical challenges—have all proven to be living testaments to the truth of Desmond Tutu’s assertion.

In order to find the heart to forgive, these people had to marshal the courage to face their hurt, fear, frustration and anger, and the strength to release the judgments that were causing their suffering. The 3Fs Process provided the framework for their journey to freedom. It can do the same for you.

Clara Naum invites you to take this opportunity to heal yourself and future generations by learning the benefits of Forgiveness. This book will take you from Darkness to Light - from “F**k it!” to “Freedom”—by inspiring you to choose Forgiveness as a tool for your own transformation.

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Praise for The Real Meaning of the F-Word

“Clara’s book is not only functional, with excellent practices, but beautifully written with wonderfully moving stories. It’s like taking a series of unusual excursions into the inner worlds of consciousness so that you can see how forgiveness occurs and how it benefits those brave enough to risk the journey.”

Ron Hulnick, President, University of Santa Monica, and, co-author with Mary Hulnick, of Remembering The Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living

“This powerful, easy-to- absorb book is a welcome addition to the topic of the healing power of forgiveness. The moving stories of those that have experienced the ‘unforgivable’, the guided exercises and Clara Naum’s unique coaching approach left me feeling lighter, more loving and more powerful just in the first read. The Real Meaning of the “F-Word” is something I will eagerly share with clients and colleagues.”

—Rory Cohen, Founder of

“An absolute masterpiece. With this exquisite work, Clara Naum challenges us, teaches us, and holds us lovingly as we step tentatively into the idea of forgiving the unforgivable. Her stories and examples light the way and make this very personal Soul-search accessible to all. This is an important work, much needed in our world today.”

—Laura Dewey, Coach, Author, Educator

“Clara, at some point in the editing process it became clear to me why I was the one chosen to work with you. Your words are making a positive and profound impact on my relationships and my work. What you’ve written is empowering and transformative. I feel so grateful to be working with you!”

—Suzanne Potts, Creative Consultant, Editor