Spiritual Journeys


Spiritual Journeys  Travel with Clara to sacred places.

I'm continuously   preparing myself to bring people together to lead them to their "own pilgrimage to the root of their authentic selves".

I  travel to sacred places in different countries of the world; guiding small groups of participants in their own journeys while visiting sacred and mystical places.

Each year I  conduct lectures, workshops and private sessions in different, energetic and amazing places around the world.

I either start or end these spiritual journeys in Argentina, my native land.

In each country my group lectures  emphasizes the amazing and magnificent energies of the land , and the connection between the land and our spiritual selves. During the workshops you will find  yourselves as souls living a human experience.

During these trips you will have the opportunity to be guided on your own spiritual journey by me. You will participate in lectures, workshops, and will have the possibility to have private sessions . (Counseling sessions, healing sessions,  or to  be attuned to the energies,according to your own uniques needs).

The lectures, and workshops will be conducted in English and Spanish. Material in French and German also available.

I will be using the basics, concepts and tools of Spiritual Psychology and "mixing" different types of energy healing techniques such as Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Holoenergetic Healing, Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, Shamballa, and Magnified Healing.

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