Our own wealth


Powerful and meaningful words extracted from  "Wealth and Higher Consciousness"

by  John Roger

"A great part of our success has to do with clarifying what we want and what we're ready to do to get it. Some people think that their purpose on this planet is to make money; others, to "live happily ever after"; and still others, to be of service to their fellow man and woman.

My theory is that we -- all of us -- are here to fulfill our individual plan of unfoldment. What is there, once we have unfolded? Our true wealth, which is beyond what you might think of as success. And each of us will find the wealth awaiting us according to our own rate of progress, as we seek our particular way. Or, as the song goes, "I'll do it my way." Of course, sometimes "my way" is not the only way; in fact, it may not always be the most effective or easiest way.

Nevertheless, each of us has the inherent right to do it "my way," regardless of considerations."

- John-Roger
(From: Wealth & Higher Consciousnes)

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