Creating a sacred space


What is a sacred space? A sacred space is a place that you feel connected to God, the Universe, a Higher Power, or the Source whatever that might be you for you. It could also be a place inside of your house where you feel connected to yourself.  I have created a sacred space that enhances my own practice , where I offer my energy or counseling sessions for others.  I have done this to enhance the quality of my services and make my clients feel special.

I have also created a sacred space for myself where I feel at peace,  I can meditate, pray, relax or just be.  Experiencing myself inside this environment makes me feel energized; I find that I need to find my own mental, emotional and spiritual balance to be ready for myself and my clients.  I need to renew myself. I find this in my sacred space. Later on I can carry inside of me that "sacred space" wherever I go.

Simple steps to have your own "sacred space":

  1. Choose a room that you can use just for this (If you don't have a spare room could be a corner in a room)
  2. Clear the sacred space (remove clutter, electronics, and anything that reminds you of unpleasant memories-pictures,to do lists, etc-)
  3. Clear the energies, you might burn sage or use incense (preferably lavender, lemon or sandalwood). Play soft music while you are doing this.
  4. Once it is clean and clear write in a piece of paper your intention for having that sacred space and keep it in a visible place.
  5. Only have things that make you feel comfortable; furniture that you like. Music that relaxes you. Have some images or pictures that make you feel "connected".
  6. Enjoy. Stop doing and just BE.
Sebastian NaumComment