Professional Life Coaching

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Wouldn’t you just love to awaken each morning excited about the unlimited possibilities of the day ahead? Do you have a dream that you just can’t seem to bring to life? Do you want a fulfilling relationship? Do you want more money? time? fun? (fill in the blank____ ?)  Do you have a yearning for something to be different and just do not know what it is or how to get there?  A “Yes” answer to any of these questions is why you might choose to work with a professional life coach.

This transformational Life Coaching Program is all about YOU, creating your life from choice, from your deepest values and guiding principles. Life Coaching is a co-creative process between you and your coach. A relationship focused on supporting you to identify, achieve and celebrate living your grandest vision of your life.

Life Coaching is not therapy. Life Coaching deals with the present and the future. You can expect personal growth in every area of your life by committing to do this powerful work. Progress generally is rapid and enjoyable.

Life Coaching is based upon the belief that you, the client, are whole and complete, resourceful and creative. Your coach is your partner who provides support, insight, tools and strategies to help you to access your inner wisdom.

My coaching style is forward-moving and action-oriented, designed to assist you to recognize what is holding you back and to move beyond it.

I, as a life coach use the tools that are more appropriate for you at each time. We work together on issue resolution, and co-creating the present and the future you dream of.

This program is not a "cookie cutter" coaching program. It is tailored to your own unique needs. You can choose to work on different things or projects.

All coaching is done face to face in Newport Beach, CA , Mexico &  Argentina. It can also be done throughout the world over the phone or skype.

We meet the first time to see if this program is the right fit for you. This first session is about 60 minutes and it is complimentary. If I believe I can be of service to you, and you are committed to move forward we establish a convenient schedule for the coaching sessions. All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session.