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CEOs, senior executives, leaders and individuals are inspired to bridge their gap and transform their lives through the work they do with Clara. Clara’s unique and innovative coaching style supports and engages individuals and executives alike. They experientially learn the power of personal responsibility, acceptance, and positive attitude.  Clara combines her years of experience in business with an integrative and transformational approach to coaching through spiritual psychology, alternative healing therapies, and powerful coaching tools.

Some of Clara’s most transformational experiences have been through her own volunteer work as a coach, counselor and workshop leader inside maximum security prisons in California. She is part of an award winning educational program which helps shift and uplift thousands of lives. This educational program has received a Service to Humanity Award and a Local Hero Award and assists people in prison find purpose and meaning in life.

She also inspires thousands of listeners in Latin America through her radio show called “How to Live a Better Life”.

Clara is an International Certified Life Coach. She has earned a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology and a certification as a Soul Centered Professional Life Coach from the University of Santa Monica, as well as numerous degrees, certifications and specializations in Psychology, Spirituality and Business.  Clara is a former Certified Public Accountant and has extensive experience leading groups in many forums as a professor, trainer, coach, and workshop facilitator. She has successfully coached all levels of employees from the manufacturing line to business owners, health care professionals, lawyers and CEO’s, in both English and Spanish.

Clara believes that by cultivating joy and peace inside of ourselves we create more joy and peace in our lives, and ultimately the world.

Her new book “The Real Meaning of the F Word-- Forgiveness as a Path to Freedom” was published in December, 2016 and the Spanish version "El Perdon, Como Camino a la Liberacion y Felicidad" was released in June, 2017. Clara has also  published an inspirational book  “Spiritual Passport”  and “Pasaporte Espiritual” dedicated to the inner child inside each of us.




Tanis Herriot - International Airline Pilot

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Workshop 2018 - Clara Naum

Luisa Yu

CSTS Conference Workshop coordinator

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

"One more time thanks Dear Clara for your support, wisdom, and your insightful coaching/counseling/energy sessions! Thanks to you I became aware of the walls that I have created for myself; thanks to you I have transformed those walls in the new paths that lead me to the life I always wanted to have. I feel better, I have been able to heal old wounds, I have a more loving relationship with my husband, and I'm going for more! You have been an angel for me." - In deep gratitude, 

-Marissa T. Venice Beach, CA April 2015

"Dear Clara, I just love your sense of humor. You bring so much to every session. You have helped me and my family so much! Thank you for forwarding your forgiveness information; my partner and I deeply appreciated it. Very insightful. I have told ALL my colleagues to work with you, I have assured them they will be in good hands. I honestly greatly appreciated your honesty, your sense of humor, your wisdom. I was able to cry again and laugh again thanks to our sessions. I was in denial, those who don't want help sometimes are in denial. I'm grateful to you. You are extremely enriching and supportive. Thanks for believing in me! I now believe in myself too.! Thanks dearest Clara"

-Bryan R. Kaiser Permanente March 2015

"Clara has an amazing gift for hearing and seeing things that others just don’t hear and see. I have never felt judged by her. That was extremely important for me. She was someone who could "read" me, guide me, and challenge be myself. Clara's coaching has impacted every aspect of my life. I have started working with her about three years ago with non-traditional counseling sessions. After a while I started with coaching sessions. She could listen to me for less than 10 minutes as I described a problem and then spend the next hour or more helping me to see the thinking that caused the problem in the first place, but more importantly, the thinking and the actions that would solve it. We went from issue resolution to taking action. I am a more powerful, compassionate and happy person because of the work I have done with her. I am grateful, I made the decision to invest on myself and do this kind of work with Clara Naum."

-Judy S. Pasadena, CA

"I'm so grateful to Clara and the work we have done together. I was living my life through the filter of my own drama. I was unable to experience happiness; I hated my work, and my "love life" was a nightmare. In just eight months my whole life has changed for the better. I have just signed up for six more months. I'm still in the learning process, and I'm experiencing fun while doing this program, and feeling good at the same time."

-Emily H. March 2013, Long Beach, CA

"I wanted to thank you for all your wisdom and encouragement and advice. This has been such a great experience for me and I have gained so much from it. God bless you for being such an incredible person! I hope its ok if I e-mail you every now and then just to say hello. I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude to you. I feel like my life is gaining momentum and my perspective on life has completely changed thanks to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

-Elizabeth S., Kaiser Permanente  2015

"I just wanted to say thank you very much! Your so professional coaching is greatly appreciated, and all your words of wisdom have had a lasting effect on me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Clara you have changed my life! You made me trust myself again, I'm pursuing my dreams, and I am HAPPY! Thanks again!

-Eliza Gutierrez, Coaching client Kaiser Permanente, LA. February 2015

"I have been having so much fun "working" the time flies. I'm witnessing co-workers as team players for the first time. She empowered me to see things from a a whole new perspective. This has been transformational for me. I feel like I'm starting my life again"

-Lynnete Velazquez, Kaiser Permanente Coaching Client. January 2015

"It was difficult for me to make the decision of hiring Clara as a life coach. I believed I didn't need it. I talked to her several times before making the commitment. She is smart, intuitive, well-educated and fun to work with. I believed that "if I needed a life coach, was because I was not strong enough". Far from that! Once I  opened myself up to being coached by Clara, I began to receive the same advantages enjoyed by great actors and athletes everywhere. I didn't become weaker--I grew stronger. I became more responsible for changing myself. I have experienced transformation in my career and my relationships thanks to the work I have done with Clara. My relationship with my partner has changed for the better. I feel more relaxed, more creative and balanced." 

-Johnny O.  Los Angeles, CA

"Nunca me imagine que podia mejorar mi vida la forma en que lo hice gracias al profundo trabajo hecho con Clara durante todo el 2012. Crei que simplemente iba a sentirme mejor, al solucionar lo que sentia ante la perdida de mi relacion sentimental. Mis sesiones, fueron de ayuda, luego apoyo y posteriormente despues de 12 meses empece un periodo de coaching para dedicarme acrear el futuro que quiero vivir. Ciertas veces, en donde me sentia muy angustiada, Clara me ofrecia tecnicas de relajacion y terapias de energia , que ayudaron en mi curacion. Actualmente me siento muy bien, no solo supere los problemas que te tenia, sino que tengo un entusiasmo y una energia que no habia sentido antes. En las sesiones de coaching siento que ahora si, soy protagonista de mi propia vida. Estoy eternamente agradecida a Clara por su sabiduria, la forma en que me ayudo y las puertas que abrio dentro mio. Es la mejor inversion que he hecho en mi misma."

-Maricia A., Orange County, CA

Dr. Ludi Ludozic - France

The Honk Kong University

Boróka Panna Kopacz

Urban Design Hong Kong University

I have been working with Clara Naum for the past 6 months. I'm a good manager but I did not communicate well with my team. Working with Clara made me realized that some of the communication issues were because I didn't trust my team. After just a month of the powerful work I was doing with Clara, I became aware that deep down I didn't trust myself. Thanks to the coaching sessions I had, I discovered that while growing up I had always been made aware of my failings rather than my successes. I had carried this behavior to my adult life. The impact that this had in my work and personal life was disastrous. Once I realized that, I changed my communication style, my work and personal life improved dramatically. I'm deeply grateful to Clara, who made me conscious of my old patterns, and led me to a more fulfilling life"

-Pat, Team Leader and Manager at Kaiser Permanente, LA September, 2014

David Yung

Project & Process Engineer

Hong Kong workshop - testimonial

"I am very grateful for all the benefits that this work with Clara N. has brought to my life. My life was in chaos 2 years ago; coming out from divorce, health issues, and feeling desperate about the future. I was blaming everyone else for everything that was happening in my life. Now I feel balanced, and I  take responsibility for my life and my decisions. I have worked with her for the  last 2 years, and now I have just started her coaching program to work on a specific goal that I want to achieve. Clara has helped me through the process in a way that nobody else could have done it. Thanks again."

-Tanya Rogers,  Orange, CA

Profesor Thomas Bernard

Hong Kong University

Clara Naum Workshop on Forgiveness

"Estoy muy feliz de haber tomado la decision de tomar sesiones de coaching con Clara. Primero pensaba que el hecho de que ella no estuviera presente en todas las sesiones y hacerlas por skype iba a disminuir el tipo de trabajo. Pero no fue asi, las sesiones fueron tan buenas y positivas en persona como por skype. Las primeras sesiones las hice con ella en Cordoba, y luego en forma continua por telefono o skype. He aprendido mas de mi misma, mi vida y lo que quiero hacer con mi vida en los 6 meses de sesiones en los que he trabajado con ella, que en el resto de mi vida. Clara tiene una forma de ser que hace que me sienta comoda, segura y al confiar en ella he podido abrime plenamente. A traves de este tiempo ella ha sido mi apoyo y he cambiado mi perspectiva en la forma que veo la vida. He cambiado de trabajo, algo que me daba mucho miedo y he mejorado la forma en que me relaciono con mi familia, en especial mi esposo."

- Betty Rossotti. Cordoba, Argentina