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Clara Naum


Clara combines her years of experience in business with a positive and transformational approach to executive and private coaching. She integrates executive coaching, spiritual psychology, alternative healing therapies, and powerful coaching tools to assist her clients obtaining more balance, clarity and positive energy in their lives. The clients are supported by Clara to transform the area of their lives they want to change. They also work on taking action and co-creating the life they want to live. Clara works with individuals and businesses alike. The transformation that most clients experience during this work allow them to grow in every area of their personal and professional lives.

Her client list includes Kaiser Permanente Vision Essentials, Peace Health, IBM executives, Universidad de Cordoba, and supermarket and hotels chains in Latin America among others.


Increased Productivity

Clients reporting major goal achievements

Clients reporting increased productivity

Clients reporting life changing epiphanies

Corporate professionals reporting improved work relationships




"One more time thanks Dear Clara for your support, wisdom, and your insightful coaching/counseling/energy sessions! Thanks to you I became aware of the walls that I have created for myself; thanks to you I have transformed those walls in the new paths that lead me to the life I always wanted to have. I feel better, I have been able to heal old wounds, I have a more loving relationship with my husband, and I'm going for more! You have been an angel for me".

-Marissa T. Venice Beach, CA April 2013

"I wanted to thank you for all your wisdom and encouragement and advice. This has been such a great experience for me and I have gained so much from it. God bless you for being such an incredible person!!! I hope its ok if I e-mail you every now and then just to say hello. I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude to you. I feel like my life is gaining momentum and my perspective on life has completely changed thanks to you! Thank you, thank you, thank you"""!

-Elizabeth, Kaiser Permanente.  Riverside, CA January 2015

"I have been working with Clara Naum for the past 6 months.  I'm a good manager but I did not communicate well with my team.  Working with Clara made me realized that some of the communication issues were because I didn't trust my team.  After just a month of the powerful work I was doing with Clara, I became aware that deep down I didn't trust myself. Thanks to the coaching sessions I had , I discovered that while growing up I ad always been made aware of my failings rather than my successes.  I had carried this behavior to my adult life. The impact that this had in my work and personal life was disastrous.  Once I realized that, I changed my communication style, my work and personal life improved dramatically.  I'm deeply grateful to Clara, who made me conscious of my old patterns, and led me to a more fulfilling life"

-Pat T., Team Leader and Manager at Kaiser Permanente

"Clara is one of the most intuitive, gifted, connected people I know. I've both worked with her and had her coach me. I've seen and experienced profound changes in all cases. And she is so active in so many communities. A true gift to all".

R. Michael Anderson, April 2014  Teaching Soul Centered Leadership - Author, Speaker, Educator.